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Within the scope of this agreement, the words in capital letters have the following meanings.

1.1. AGENT: SPM Tourism Real Estate Construction Contracting Organization Car Rental Transportation Yachting Cleaning Textile Industry Marketing Import Export and Trade Ltd.

1.2. TENANT: Refers to the legal or real person who leases within the scope of this contract.

1.3. RENTAL PROPERTY: Refers to the villas on the  website.

1.4. RENTAL FEE: Refers to the fee to be paid for the number of days requested and arranged according to each booking request




The subject of this contract is the renting of a villa/apartment to the TENANT within the framework of the terms and conditions set out in the contract and determining the rights and obligations of the parties.

When a TENANT makes a reservation through the create reservation request option on the or web address or through the corresponding contact information it shall be deemed that they have accepted the conditions in this contract for the leased property.



3.1. Pre-reservations for the RENTAL PROEPRTY can be made through the option to create a reservation request on the website or through contact information.

3.2. 50% of the total RENTAL FEE shall be paid as a deposit to the bank account of the AGENT or by making a withdrawal from the credit card specified by the TENANT and in line with the authorization of the TENANT. The remaining 50% balance of the RENTAL FEE will be collected in line with the payment options when the RENTAL PROPERTY is delivered to the TENANT. If the RENTAL FEE is not paid in full, the turnkey will not be delivered.

3.3. If the reservation deposit fee is paid within 1 (one) business day from the date of the pre-reservation, the RENTAL PROPERTY will be reserved. If the reservation deposit fee is not paid within the specified time, the TENANT agrees, declares and undertakes that the AGENT may cancel the pre-reservation without informing and use its right to receive another reservation.



4.1. Depending on the characteristics of each RENTAL PROPERTY, a different value of damage deposit will be collected from the TENANT. This deposit amount will be in writing in the Contract sent to the TENANT.

4.2. The damage deposit fee will be collected as Cash, Credit Card or Bank Transfer, before but at the latest during the delivery of the RENTAL PROPERTY to the TENANT. If no damages are found, the damage deposit fee will be returned in full to the bank account of the TENANT.




Check-in of the RENTAL PROPERTY is after 16:00 and check-out must be at 10:00am or before. The remaining time is reserved for the cleaning of the RENTAL PROPERTY and the arrival of the next guest. If an early or late departure is required it must be notified at least 72 hours in advance and is allowed only where appropriate. You must receive confirmation from the AGENT. Except from this, the TENANT has to check out at the specified time. The TENANT is responsible for the damages, grievances and damages caused by the late evacuation or non-evacuation of the rented property and is obliged to cover all the financial losses suffered by the AGENT for this reason


6.1. The maximum capacity, according to the characteristics of each RENTAL PROPERTY are specified on the website and The TENANT accepts, declares and undertakes that he/she is aware of the number of persons specified on the website and/or the reservation form and will not exceed the number of persons.

6.2. If there will be an increase in the number of people determined after the reservation is finalized, the TENANT has to notify the AGENT in writing and get approval. Except for the persons specified in the reservation form, no other guests are allowed to be rented.

6.3. The TENANT accepts, declares and undertakes that if the TENANT notifies in writing that there will be an increase in the number of people and does not receive approval, and if guests are accepted to the rented room other than those specified in the reservation form and/or internet, the AGENT may cancel the reservation completely or demand the full price.

6.4. The TENANT will reach the RENTAL PROPERTY by his/her own means and the AGENT will not have any responsibility in this regard.



The departure cleaning fees of each RENTAL PROPERTY are stated on the relevant page of the contract. Apart from this any extra cleaning of any kind or towels / sheets etc. to be requested extra by the TENANT w,ll be charged at an extra additional fee.



8.1. Reservation cancellation request must be notified in writing via e-mail and/or fax. Verbally notified cancellation requests are not valid/binding.

8.2. The TENANT accepts, declares and undertakes that if he does not pay the accommodation fees to be paid on time, the reservation may be canceled by the AGENT and the paid accommodation fees will not be refunded to him/her.

8.3. Regarding cancellation requests;

*30% of the total rental amount is not refunded for cancellations of more than 60 days or before,

*50% of the total rental amount will not be refunded for cancellations of between 59 – 30 days before

*For cancellations 0 -29 days before, 100% of the total rental amount will not be refunded.




In addition to the obligations set out previously in the contract the following conditions apply :

 9.1. Apply to both the TENANT and, if any, other persons who will use the RENTAL PROPERTY;

* If the RENTAL PROPERTY does not accept pets, pets will not be kept,

* No smoking in the indoor areas of the RENTAL PROPERTY

* To fulfill the obligation of care when using all items (furniture, electronic goods, etc.) and leave all items in a clean, sound and working condition,

* Must comply with social and moral rules,

* Must not make noise or listen to loud music in a way that will disturb the person/s neighboring the RENTAL PROPERTY

* The TENANT should immediately notify the AGENT of any trouble or defective goods that are encountered on checkin to the RENTAL PROPERTY, otherwise he/she will be responsible for the malfunctions and defective goods that he/she did not report in a timely manner,

* The TENANT accepts, declares and undertakes that he/she will not engage in any activity and/or action that would violate the Turkish Penal Code No. 5237.

9.2. If any of the above conditions are violated The AGENT may demand that the TENANT evacuate himself due to the violation of the regulations in this article.  In the case of any damage or in case the TENANT has to make a payment, the TENANT accepts, declares and undertakes that all the amounts paid and all the losses incurred, including the loss of profit to the AGENT, these will be requested from the TENANT and/or other persons staying.



10.1. He/she accepts, declares and undertakes that he/she must deliver the RENTAL PROPERTY on the specified date and time, in a clean and ready-to-use condition, and that the AGENT must immediately support the TENANT to repair the faulty and defective items notified to him at the entrance.

10.2. The AGENT is not responsible for the loss of valuables during the stay, theft, accident, illness, injury/death etc.

10.3. During the course of the rental period and /or before, in case of unforeseen and unsolvable situations except for force majeure - is obliged to return the rental price by adhering to the request or to offer alternatives with similar qualities to the RENTAL PROPERTY.



Both parties are obliged to comply with the legislation on the processing and protection of personal data obtained due to the legal relationship between them. In addition, the parties are obliged to take all necessary technical and administrative measures to protect personal data and immediately notify the other party of any data breach without any delay. Either party declares, accepts and undertakes that it is personally responsible for all the damage suffered by the other party due to the violation of this provision or the Turkish Law no. 6698



The obligations undertaken by the AGENT under the contract are prevented by force majeure (war, comprehensive military mobilization, uprising, seizure, embargo, epidemics, natural disasters, extreme natural events, acts of terrorism, delays and disruptions in imports, etc.) The parties have the right to unilaterally terminate this Agreement to the extent that it becomes impossible to fulfill it in any way. However, the accommodation fee will not be refunded in the event of force majeure that would not be expected.


The parties have mutually declared and accepted that the addresses stated in this contract are legally valid and suitable for notification.

It is essential that the summons and notices to be made between the parties are made in the form of a registered letter with return receipt or a notary public notice. However, in urgent cases, notifications made to the e-mail addresses in the contract are also valid.


Bodrum Enforcement Offices and Courts are authorized for disputes arising from this contract.



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